Farms Not Factories

Farms Not Factories is a non-profit organisation working through film-making and campaigning to support the ‘food sovereignty’ movement by exposing the true costs of cheap meat from animal factories in order to inspire people to only buy meat from local, healthy, high welfare farms. Our long term vision is a … Continue reading

Really Farms – Lance & Angela Mitchell – East Coast Registrars

It is exciting times for GOSPBU. Not only are spring litters and warmer weather right around the corner but GOSPBU has seen tremendous growth over the last 6 months with members and registrations. It is very exciting to see this breed continue to grow. GOSPBU is happy to announce that … Continue reading

Old Narrow Gauge Farm Alna, Maine

Old Narrow Gauge Farm Alna, Maine Amy Warner 7/15/2015 I didn’t grow up farming, but my partner Toby did and trusting his small homestead farming experience we decided to delve headlong into the world of livestock farming. Our love affair with the GOS began in September 2013. After a long … Continue reading

Meet our new UK correspondent Mandy Garbutt of Fowgill Farm

USA Newsletter Fall 15 Oct 16, 2015

GOSPBU Will No Longer Accept New Registrations or Transfers of Any Pig from Crystal Beacham or her farm.