Become A Member

We love to share our enthusiasm for GOS with other breeders and gladly welcome new members. If you wish to join this organization we offer several forms of membership. Currently membership is processed manually, but payment and entry of your details can be done online using the form below. If you prefer to send your details and a check by regular mail we’re happy with that as well.

Membership Options

Membership Description Cost
Breeder Member Can vote, post free pig ads and hold office & have access to the Herd book and CI calculator. Must own registered GOS pig(s) and be actively engaged in their daily care and husbandry. $25/yr
Lifetime Member As for Breeder Members, but a single lifetime payment is made. $200
Conservation Member Students, vendors and pig enthusiasts. They can volunteer for committees and attend BOD meetings. No voting privileges. $5/yr
Junior Conservation Member (<18yr) As for Conservation Members, but only for those less than 18 years old. Must be approved by a parent. $0

All memberships are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

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