Boar Service Certificates

If you use someone’s else’s boar to service your gilt or sow, we need proof from the boar’s owner in order to register any resultant litters. Rather than make anyone mail in paperwork, the boar’s owner can provide proof of breeding by simply sending an email to the Registrar ( ) with the following information:

    I certify that a boar that I own was used to service the following
    listed gilts / sows. They were exposed to my boar between the dates:



    Boar’s Full Registration Number:

    List of Gilts/Sows serviced:

    Boar Owner’s Name: 

    Boar Owner’s Farm Name:

The boar’s owner should copy and paste this into an email, fill in the information and send it to . If the boar’s owner does not have an email address, then a written letter with the same information, and signed by the boar’s owner, will suffice. The letter must be mailed to:

    Luther Clevenger
    PO Box 1310
    Aumsville, OR 97325