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: 540-828-2288
: Bridgewater, Virgina
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Our 4.3% CI sow, Tulip (Blue group), farrowed on Sept 9. There are six females and three males in the litter. Wilbur (black group) is their father. Registrable gilts and boars are $325 each, barrows $125 each. If you are looking for a blue gilt or boar to diversify your future progeny genetics, reserve yours now before they are castrated on or about Sept 17. Discounts available when purchasing five or more. Three females are available for sale from this litter.

Tulip - US/2/SHF/0813/3-1/16
Wilbur - P/SHF/B915-1/0907/15
Scrubs - PA/FCF/FAB2/0315/17
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